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Welcome to Mental Health

By uniting the industry leaders in a strong call-to-action and targeting an influential audience across the country, this campaign is an essential education tool and resource guide for employers, employees, medical professionals and the community at large. The campaign strives to inspire readers to end stigma, speak out and make a difference in their families, workplaces, and communities. Ultimately, it will ensure advocacy and support for those living and working with mental illnesses, and help to promote mental health wellness for all Canadians.

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Media company specializes in the creation of content marketing campaigns released through multimedia platforms. We provide our readers with insightful and educational editorial in the fields of their interest, designed to motivate them to take action. Our unique ability to pair the right leaders, with the right readers, through the right platforms, has made Media company into a global powerhouse in content marketing. We continue to explore and expand our network of partners and clients through the shared interest of providing our readers the best experience possible.